Jathi Ratnalu 2021 Telugu review

 Jathi Ratnalu 2021 Telugu


jathi Ratnalu alias Srikanth, Shekhar, Ravi is our best and a favorite hero who does not have any work in Jogi Pet Area. All three friends live in Hyderabad. All three friends came to Hyderabad in search of jobs, but all three of them do not get any work.

So our most favorite hero Srikkanth falls in love with a girl named Chitti. the story starts in such a way that all the three people go to a party and a man gets attacked at that party and the police arrest the three friends and take them to the police station.

Did the same twister in the Jathi Ratnalu story do those things, because of which these three friends went to the police station?

Jathi Ratnalu

Stars in this  Jathi Ratnalu film

  • If seen, this time in the film, Naveen Polisetti gave a performance to woo the mind. Acting, comedy dialogue questions, and his speech was liked by the audience and made the audience laugh a lot. 

  • In this film, the heroine also played a very good role and won the hearts of her audience, although the prison heroine is not Paria Abdullah, she has made a very good debut in this film.

  • Like I already told you that three friends have been done in this story and it has been shown very well in a big scene

  • The main role in this film has been kept as a comedy because most of the comedy dialogues in this film have been to.

  • Comedy in the film looks good to some extent, but if this film is made on top of the comedy scene itself, you will find the film a little bit interesting. 
  • But if seen, the first part was good but after the interval, nothing was worth watching in the film and the audience film did not look so good.

My opinion

After watching the trailer I think this is a good movie of this year. You can see everything in this film that you want. This is total money worth film and you guys definitely watch this.

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