Aashram 2021 movie review


Cast: Bobby Deol

Director: Prakash Zaha

Welcome once again friends, today we will review a new web series called Aashram, such that you all know that due to this lockdown, all cinemas are closed and many movies and TV serials are online Releasing on platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix MX Player, Zee Media.

So in the same way, this is going to be a TV serial film and release on Mx Player, and its name is Ashram, today we will review this movie, whose plus point minus point and what is good and what is bad in this film.

First of all, let me tell you that the main hero of this film is Bobby Deol and the heroine of this film is wearing Aditi. So let's start a review of this movie.

Story of this Aashram movie

Like I already told you that there are two-star casts in this Aashram film who are playing the role of the hero in Bobby Deol who is a baba in this film and on the other hand our heroine of the film who comes from a very poor family It is related that he is very much influenced by Baba.

Bobby Deol's role in this film is very low because he is a very big Baba and he is supported by many people so that his own community has grown and he has become a very famous person. 

In this film, Baba wants to make one of his friends again CM because he wants to. Therefore, he puts the entire power in this film to make his friend the Chief minister.

The specialty of this Aashram movie

  • We have seen a lot of movies about Bobby Deol but in these movies, he has done wonders because he has played two roles in this film, one villain and one hero. 
  • The role of this film suits him completely and he gave this film four moons.
  • On the other hand, our heroine played a very good role in this film and she got a lot of praise from this film and she surprised many people due to impressive and companionable reasons.

Minus points of this Aashram film

  • As you know, there is definitely suspense and twist in every film, but in this film, all the suspense and twist will be seen, so that you will get under a lot of tension
  • The story of this film is also very slow because each role takes a lot of time and so that you will feel boring.
  • The ending of this film was not so good because nothing is known in this film about how this film started and how it ended. 
  • the bad thing was that the story of this film could not come out as openly as the audience had thought.

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my opinion about Aashram

The film is made on the present-day babas who spread lies and attract people towards them and the film which was made to stop their business could not be so good and in this film, there is an attempt, to tell the truth.

That how the Babas of today trap people in lies. According to my view, you should not watch this film because this film is a boring and time-consuming film.

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