Mosagallu telugu movie review 2021

Mosagallu Telugu movie review 2021

Hello guys, today we are going to revisit a movie called Mosagallu. It is a Telugu film and has been released in both the Hindi version and the Telugu version. 

So let's start and let me tell you how this film is and what its story is.

Story of this Mosagallu film

So this story begins with two siblings. Our hero's name is Manchu Vishnu playing the role of Arjun in this film and on the other hand Kajal Aggarwal who is playing Anu in this film. 

Both these siblings belong to a very poor family and both of them dream that they can earn a lot of money in life and spend their life comfortably.

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Then Twist comes into the story Mosagallu, who is playing the role of Vijay, our second actor Navdeep, who is the CEO of a company and he also joins Arjun with him who can scam and make all the money. Anu also joins them to support both of them and they all scam together.

The second twist in the Mosagallu story comes when the American company learns that they are scamming all three and she runs after them to catch them. Will have to see that they did the subtraction?

Now let's talk about Mosagallu Plus points and acting.

  • Like I already told you that Manchu Vishnu has played the role of Arjun, it is worth seeing that he has played this role well.
  • on the other side, see that Kajal Aggarwal's role is also very good and she is a very beautiful heroine. Her acting people are crazy and she wins everyone's heart.
  • Bollywood star Sunil Shetty has also played a role in this film, his role is also worth watching.

  • on the other hand, whoever the characters are, who have tried to make Villan and the audience laugh in it, all have done a good job and the audience did not like this film but can say that the film was not so bad either.

  • The main goal of this film remains on the scandal, how the pick some people collectively cheat and how they run away after electing big companies and later they keep looking at the companies. 

  • So this was the story of this film, I hope you liked this article of mine.
Songs of this movie.

First of all when we heard about the new movie then we play its songs first because it makes a huge impact on the audience. People love to listen to new songs and this makes film blockbuster.

All the songs in this film are nice and loved by everyone. People play songs on youtube and listen to repeat and repeat.

My opinion

This is an also excellent movie which you definitely want to watch. You can watch this movie on online platforms like Netflix and amazon prime.

Overall this is the best movie of 2021.

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