Rang De 2021 telugu movie review

Movie Review: Rang De 2021

Star Cast: Nithin, Keerthy Suresh

Hello, guys welcome once again today we are going to review a new Telugu movie again. This film is available in both Telugu and Hindi versions and the name of this film is Rang De 2021.

Rang De 2021 Movie Story

The film Rang De 2021 first starts as two children with K Arjun as Nitin and Anu as Keerti Suresh. I love each other since childhood, but when they grow up, something happens between them so that they start to get away.

Arjun has a fight with a demon who loves his girlfriend and he pulls her towards him. After some time Arjun has to get married to Anu because some such situations come in front of him. The story has a twist on how the two fall in love with them. And do I keep both happy after marriage?

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Let's talk about the stars of this film Rang De 2021

As you know, Nitin is playing a role in this film and he looks very stylish and handsome in this film, Nitin has played the role of Arjun in this film with which he has tried to make different voices. And he has done very good acting in the second half as well.

On the other hand, our heroine has also done very good acting and has impressed everyone with her acting. 

The songs of this film are also very spectacular and in this film, the heroine has played a very good role in the midst of the songs. 

All the characters of this film have played their roles well whether it is in the film that I am the role of someone's father or whether a villain or a suhaag is the role of a mother, everyone has done very good acting.

Rang De 2021 Movie scenes

  • If we talk about any film, then it makes it a super-duper hit because the songs of that film are released first and they win the mind of the audience. 
  • So the songs in this film are also very good and but the songs of second hand are not so special. More work could be done on the songs of this film so that he would like the songs of the film even better and more.
  • Wanted to explain this film in very easy and simple language, what he is presenting to the audience. 
  • If seen, he chose both these heroes and heroines in his film because he knew that both of them can play a good role in this film. Acting comedy action is everything but it was not as powerful as the audience thought.

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My opinion about the film Rang De 2021

If I talk about my opinion, the film was not so bad and not so good because this film has everything that you want in a film. 

This film had some shortcomings due to its songs and some shortcomings for its second half because the story in this film was not so special that it could not win the audience's mind.

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