Solo Brathuke So Better movie review 2021

Movie: Solo Brathuke So Better

Star Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Nabha Natesh, Rajendra Prasad, Rao Ramesh, Vennela Kishore

Hello, friends again welcome. As you know that where I bring a review of Hindi Bollywood Telugu and many new release movies, I hope that you will like today's review very well. So the name of the movie we are going to review today is Solo Brathuke So Better. So let's start reviewing this movie

Story of this Solo Brathuke So Better movie

Our main hero who is Sai Dharma Tej who wants to tell his whole life without marriage and he does not want him to marry anytime in his life. But this twister in this story, due to some result, he agrees to the wedding, the story of this film is how he believes and how he gets ready to get married.

Movie plus points

  • The first plus point of the movie is that you will laugh a lot till the first half and you will enjoy it a lot because the film will be really attached to you. 

  • And if seen, this hero's film is much better and stronger than previous films, in this film, the story tells how a man fights with his smile in his life.
  • And on the other hand, our heroin has played a very good role and his role is very good in this movie.

  • all the hero villains and the rest of the team members have done a great job in this film and everyone liked the story and the film very well.

Minus points of this movie

  • Like I already told you that in the first half you will get to see a lot of comedy, but when the second half starts, you will not see anything like comedy in it. 

  • And secondly, the audience did not like the trailer of it so much that the expectations of the films had reverted to a lot of water.

  • On the other hand, the length of this film is very short because the film which has been made very short and which reduces the interest of the audience. 
  • It is not so special in the film that how the hero and heroine fall in love and how they reach the wedding pavilion.
  • The heroine's role in this film was not so good because she could not do such good acting as she should have done.

Other movie spotters

If seen, everyone else has played a very good role in this film, the cameraman director and singers have sung very good songs and they have been very well suited.

the background and music of this film are very good because the audience liked it very much.

my opinion

If I tell you from my opinion, the film is not so bad as people are saying because there are some shortcomings in every film, but we should forget the shortcomings and enjoy the film.

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