Sreekaram telugu 2021 movie review

Movie Review: Sreekaram

Star Cast: Sharwanand, Priyanka Arul Mohan

Welcome once again today, we will again review the new release of the Telugu movie which has been released in both Telugu and Hindi versions, and the name of this film is Sreekaram

Let's review this movie and see what are the plus points and what are the shortcomings in this movie.

Story of this Sreekaram movie

The superhero of this Sreekaram film who plays the role of Karthik is a software engineer, he is so capable that he also takes the award of Best Employer every year. 

One becomes an engineer at an early age, but his father instills an interest in farming among him and he abandons everything and starts farming.

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So there are many problems in that village, such as lack of water, this film has to be seen that how did he do farming in his village? Who helped him with his problems? Will he leave farming and do a job again? So you have to see everything in this film.

 Let's talk about the plus point of this Sreekaram movie

  • As we know that the youngsters of today want to do some other yoga except farming, but this film is dependent on one farming which gives a message to everyone that we should stay united with our motherland
  • This is a very big point of this film because it gives a very good message to all the young people.
  • Its second plus point is that all the difficulties faced by the farmer have been told very well because everyone should know how a farmer grows crops and what difficulties he faces.

  • on the other hand, when seen, our main hero has played two roles in this film, on one side he is a software engineer and on the other hand, he is the son of a domestic farmer who starts farming after obeying his father.
  • There are some scenes in this film that can make you cry because he is connected to the problems of farming and is very good in this film because, in this film, all the actors together help each other.
  • On the other hand, let's talk that the role of the stuntman, the cameraman who made this film has also been very good for all of them because a film is incomplete unless there are some good people present in it. 
  • The background music of this film is very good and scenes have been put in the middle of this touching heart.
  • All the audience enjoyed this film because all of them have filmed this film beautifully. The second of this film was very powerful because that second half made everyone emotional and everyone also attracted others to see this film.

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 my opinion about Sreekaram

This film is a very good and full value-for-money film because you will see something in this film by connecting with your motherland because everyone is leaving the harvest and in this film.

A message has been given to save the farmer and he is a very There is a wonderful message through which our new generation will be connected to the future and it will do agriculture so that it can save its lands.

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