Aranya telugu movie review 2021

Movie Review: Aranya

Star Cast: Rana Daggubati, Vishnu Vishal

Hello, guys welcome once again I hope you are all fine. So today we are going to revisit a Telugu movie called Aranya. This movie Aranya is based on the life of  Jadav Payeng, also known as the Perfect Man of India.

Talking about the creator of this film, this film has been designed by Rana Doodh Pati. this film was released on 26 March in both Hindi and Telugu versions.

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So the twist in the story is how does that man save his forest and how does he bring back all the animals living in that forest safely?

Some good stories from this movie Aranya

  • The plus point in this Aranya film is that the main role in this film is shown as a forest because trees are very important for life because this gives us oxygen and we are able to survive because of these. 

  • On the other hand, we can see if he cut this forest and all the animal who lived in this forest they can't survive because they can't live without their home.

  • A person who loves this forest and animals as well as so he decides to protect this forest from that person who wants to make a hotel on this land.
  • The second plus point is that the graphics of this film are very good and a love story has also been shown in this film, which the audience liked very much.
  • In every scene in this Aranya film, you will get to see the twist and you will feel that the film is dependent on your life. The characters of this film have played a very good role and the role of everyone is unmatched.

If we talk on the other side, the music of this film is also very good, which keeps you connected with the film.

Other supporters

Every film is incomplete unless it has good technical, good action hero, and good stuntman. If seen, the director was not so happy about this film because he could not make this film as much praise as he thought. This film had all the shortcomings that the audience did not like.

my opinion

If I talk with my opinion, the film was not so bad and not so good. This film could have been presented in a much better way but it could not be presented so well.

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