Mumbai saga movie full trailer review 2021.

Movie name- Mumbai saga

hero - john Ibrahim, Sunil Shetty
director- Rohit Shetty

Mumbai saga 2021- movierulz3

As we know, Hollywood movies are all super duper hits. In between, a new super-duper hit movie is going to be released which is called Mumbai Saga 2021. Yes you heard it right its name is Mumbai Saga.

Mumbai Saga is an action movie with a plethora of action. In this film, we will get to learn a lot. So let's talk about this movie.

The main actress of Mumbai saga

The main actors of this film are Johan Ibrahim, Emraan Hashmi, Sunil Shetty, and Kajal Aggarwal.

Johan Ibrahim is the main hero of this film who will be seen doing a lot of action and in this film Villain is Emraan Hashmi and Sunil Shetty. And the heroine of which film is the most beautiful girl named Kajal Aggarwal

As you all know, Kajal Aggarwal has done a lot of films, she is very famous for her beauty and she has done strong acting in this film too.

Release date of Mumbai saga 2021

Mumbai Saga will be released on 19 March 2021 and you can see its trailer on the t-series channel. Sanjay Gupta who made this film, the names of those who have directed by Bhushan Kumar and Anuradha Gupta.

Plus point of Mumbai saga

As you come to know from the name itself, this film is based in Mumbai, and in this film, you will get to see a lot of twists and actions which is quite a point of place in this movie.

Even before Johan Ibrahim's films have been super duper hits and as you know, he has strong acting in a film outside, which the audience loves very much. After the first viewing, this film has become very good and quite popular. 

The background dialogue action transfer of this film is presented in a very good way which becomes the second point of this movie.

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Another plus point of this film is that this film depicts the story of a policeman who wants to save his city and wants to run that city on a path of progress. 

Minus points of this movie

The biggest minus point of this movie is that it will just be released online again and there is a lot of suspense in this film which makes its audience very rash and the speed of this film is also high which the audience can understand Takes little time.

The music and background are not good as we expected in this movie. the director can make a little bit more good film instead of this.

Mumbai saga movie dialogs

Watching the trailer, the dialogues of Mumbai Saga look awesome and this Story is to end hooliganism where a lot of goons who ask for a week to stop that week, a young man comes in to tell you the whole story. Remains on top of.

My opinion

According to my view, this is an average film and you can watch this on online platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, zee media

thank you.

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