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Another new film is going to be released on the online platform. The name of the film is Roohi.

Roohi 2021 review

So let's first talk about the story of Roohi which is based on a Horror movie. So Roohi is the story of a girl who is very upset. Where Bawra Pandey (Rajkumar Rao) and Kuki Qureshi (Varun Sharma) work as a journalist in a small village.

There is a custom in that village that the girl who is married is abducted before her marriage.

So that girl whose name is Roohi (Janhvi Kapoor). He was ordered by the boss of a nearby village to kidnap the girl.

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There is such custom in that village that the girl who is abducted is brought directly to the wedding pavilion. But the twist in the story comes when the girl's uncle dies and the boss of that village tells the two men to keep the girl abducted for a week.

But in that one week, that other boy falls in love with that girl and he makes every effort to get her but the one who is a ghost inside that girl always keeps that boy away. That boy tries a lot, he goes to a lot of tantrikas to let the ghost out of the girl, but he fails every time.

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He falls in love with the girl and he fulfills every wish of his. But now when the girl comes in another form, she forgets everything.

 Roohi movie release date

The film will be released on Jiostudio on 11 March 21.

Movie review after watching the trailer

The question of giving my review is not so special if I tell because there is nothing worth seeing in this film.

This film is mostly made in the forest and the whole story revolves around 3 men around there.

Some shortcomings in this movie

  • First of all, I will say that if any director makes a horror movie, then first of all there should be a good story in that movie because the audience can know where the story starts.
  • The second biggest drawback is that some such comedy abusive dialogs have been kept in this film which makes this film absolutely useless as it does not make the audience laugh at all.
  • The third biggest drawback, which is the main hero of this film, Varun, plays a role in every film as a hitch and he also had a similar role in this film in which he did not have any special significance.
  • The fourth-biggest minus point is that our heroine, who has played a double role in this film, could not play a good role of a heroine on one side and a ghost on the other side. Not a single dialogue came out of the mouth of this heroine and the audience did not like her silence at all.
My Opinion

When the audience saw this movie, it was better than watching this movie by putting it on them that they would do some work sitting at home and save their money because this film could not live up to their expectations at all.

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