suryavanshi 2021 full movie trailer review.

Suryanashi movie 2021

Hello guys welcome back, today we will review a new movie that is going to be released in 2021. The trailer of this movie is being watched very fondly on YouTube and the film remains very much an action movie. So let's start

So the name of this movie is Suryavanshi

this is an action-based movie directed by Rohit Shetty. As you know Rohit Shetty has a lot of movies that have been super duper hits.

The main characters of this film are Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgan, and Jackie Shroff. If seen, this movie is full of action and it has been made in Mumbai. This film is usually made between the policeman and the goons who want to spoil the atmosphere of Mumbai, but Akshay Kumar who is a policeman wants to save his city from the goons, so his daily routine There is a clash with a gang.

He wants to make his city of Mumbai clean and a city for the common people, where crime is zero. The biggest villain of this film is Jackie Shroff, who is a very big don of Mumbai, and he wants that only him can rule in Mumbai.

This film is being released by Reliance and if seen, the film will be released on April 30 and nothing can be said about whether the film will be released on the big screen or Netflix and Amazon Prime.

songs of this movie

The lyrics of this movie are very popular on YouTube and there are 8 total songs of this movie. The songs of this movie have been very loving and presented in a very good way. 

All the songs are trending on YouTube and all the audience have liked the acting of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in this. Even both of them have been named beautiful couples.


First of all, the plots of each movie make it a strong and super-duper hit because people like what they want to see. First of all, the plot of this movie is that in this film there is a character of a policeman who is an honest and honest police officer. 

He performs his duties very well and he does everything in his rules and rules of law. It gives us the strength to learn that every policeman can be honest and advance his country.

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The film's second-biggest point of view is that the background music of this film will be very strong in the action and comedy of the acting of the stuntman. It is an entertaining film as well as an action film.

Minus points of this film

The minus point of this film is that the film remains in the fight because we see all the movies in which the policeman fights with the goons but he demotivates others. This film should have been as it was because it was a great film and a clear message was given that an honest policeman runs his city in a good manner.

Suryavanshi Trailer

As we know the trailer of this movie is out and you can see it on youtube.

My opinion

When I saw the trailer of this movie, I did not feel very attracted because we have already seen such films which have been made between the policemen and the goons. I think this film will only spoil the time pass and your money.

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