Teddy telugu movie 2021 review

Movie Name: Teddy

Cast: Arya, Sayyeshaa, Sakshi Agarwal, Satish, Karunakaran etc.

Hello, guys welcome once again. Today I am going to review a very interesting and funny movie which was liked by all the viewers and it is discussed on every tongue. The name of this movie is also strange and teddy is a movie that looks like a small child, but this is a very powerful and interesting movie. the name of this movie is Teddy.

Teddy 2021 movie story

So the story of the teddy movie starts in such a way that a boy studying in a college gets admitted to a hospital due to some reason, where the doctors give him some wrong medicine and send him into a coma. 20 The story begins with Teddy who comes as a teddy to save him.

  • So the twist in this story is why he was given this injection? 
  • Why was he sent into a coma? Did he have enmity with anyone? The story of this movie depends on it.

So the story of teddy is dependent on a doctor who earns a lot of money abroad by doing some wrong business. So this is the story that begins.

The first ha of this movie is very emotional because it makes everyone cry. That teddy saves the lives of many people, that doctor becomes the enemy of those lives.

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Teddy makes every effort to save the boy, who is sedated by the doctor who gave him the wrong injection. So in this film, you will get to see the story in some new way and an attempt has been made to do something new in this film.

Plus points of this movie.

  • In this film, you will get to see Mistry in every scene because this film is really made in a very good way and which will give you different enjoyment of each scene. You can watch this movie on Disney and Hotstar instead of theaters that are released online.
  • The biggest point of this movie is also that the director has put his life in an effigy and narrated the story of how we can stop the wrong things happening in the world.
  • The third plus point is that this movie has been introduced very well and everything looks real no matter what has been done. In this movie, you will not find any boring thing anywhere.

Movie loopholes

If seen, no matter how big the movie is, there is definitely some small or big drawback in every movie, even though there are some shortcomings in this movie too, but it does not matter that much because this film remains mostly good, so you can easily take those Can forget the shortcomings.

my opinion

If I will speak with my opinion, this film has shown a lot that was far away from the reach of a director and it has been worked in a very good way. Everything is presented very well in this and its background music is very perfect and very well done.

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