Saina movie 2021 review.

Saina movie 2021 review.

Welcome once again today we are going to review a Bollywood movie called Saina. Yes, you heard right, today we will review such a movie, which is very good and proud for our India that such a movie is coming. So the name of this movie is Saina like I already told you.

There are only three or four things in India on which one can agree and that is cricket, army jobs, and badminton games. In all, our people have achieved merit and have won many medals too, seeing which makes us proud of our India.

So this is a true story that is based on our badminton player Saina and she is going to narrate it, the heroine of this film, whose name is Parineeti Chopra. Someone has told the truth that if the one who tries is never defeated, then we should always keep trying.

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So let us review this movie today and I will tell you what is the specialty of this movie.

  • So the specialty of this movie is that if any man has lost courage, then he can learn from this film how a woman makes her name around the world and becomes a badminton player. Brings the medals of silver and gold to India.
  • So the other plus point is that this film will give those girls a chance, I want them and their housemates don't want to let them do it because they don't want to present a girl to the world, then this film is for them to be their girl. Do not consider it weak.
  • In this film, Saina's coach and her mother have done a very good role because that role suits them and their acting is worth seeing as they have done wonderful acting.

Now let's talk about the shortcomings of this movie

  • If seen, then this film has more shortcomings in this film than its merits and the first drawback is that in this film, our heroine Joe's Parineeti Chopra is playing the role of a Saina and this does not suit her at all.
  • In this film, the manner of speaking of our heroine, his moves and his action, and his struggle he does not match at all.
  • The third biggest reason is that if any film is made upon someone's bio, then first of all the film should have shown its strong life which can be motive to the audience, but nothing like this was shown in this film.
  • In this film, his childhood was shown in the beginning, and in the last, he was shown winning the match and in the middle, there was nothing that could be liked by the audience.

my opinion

If I talk about this film with my opinion, then I want to say that we could have made it even better because if any film is related to someone's real life, then we can present it in front of the audience in a good way.

This film had created a lot of rage through the trailer but he could not make such a name in the heart of the people because people did not expect such a film and I also did not have any hope that the film would be like this. 

So it is my opinion that instead of wasting money on this film, you will watch any tournament of Saina at home, it will be good and your money will also be spent.

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