tenet hollywood movie 2020 full review

Hollywood was one of the most famous movies named inception and it made every man think about that story because his story and the action of that movie were very powerful.

So the director of the same film has produced another new film which is even more powerful and full of suspense. So the name of that movie is a Tenet.

What is the story of this Tenet movie?

If I talk about the hero of this film Tenet, she has done many films and she has been a great hit. So the story of this film is different from some other films. Because a lot of technology has been used in this film and you will enjoy this film to the fullest.

The story of This film starts with time travel, yes you heard exactly right, you will get to see time travel in this tenet film. So something like this happens that some people want to ruin the world by traveling time and they make a deal with some people, whom they want to name the world war.

But the twist in this story comes only when instead of going ahead of the time travel in this film, our hero travels backward so that he can stop those people beforehand and he cannot work out the destruction.

I think no one will be making a film like this. this is fully loaded with actions and suspense. The story and the dialogue of the films are very effective.

So in the meantime, you will get to see things related to a lot of action and technology and you will get to see Jai suspense whether our hero will be able to save our earth from them.

Some special things about this movie

  • So first of all, the special thing about this movie is that in this film you will get a lot of information about time travel whether it really can or not.
  • Every scene of this film has been produced in a very good way and you will enjoy this film to the fullest. You will also see scenes full of action and twist in this film.
  • So when he goes back in time in this film, he will see that every person walks with the back foot and everything goes backward.
  • After every 5 minutes in this film, you will get to see new suspense so that it will attract even more to see this film.
  • The hero of this film has played a very good role and the audience has liked it very much. The hero of this film has done many films in the past and he has also been a super-duper hit.

My opinion about this film

If I make my point then it is one of the best Hollywood movies which none of the directors have made to date because in this film time is shown backward where everything goes backward.

This thing is very suspense-filled because you will get to see a new twist and suspense on each SIM.

The rating of this film is also very good and according to me, this film gets four out of five.

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