Vakeel saab telugu movie review 2021.

Movie Name- Vakeel Saab

Release- 9 April 2021

Hero- Pawan Kalyan

Audio- Telugu

Whenever we hear the name of a South Indian movie, we start talking about action, trailer, comedy, and romance. Meanwhile, a new Telugu film is going to be released in this Lockdown, which the audience was eagerly waiting for and the name of this film is Vakeel Saab.

The main hero of this Vakeel Saab film is our strong, dashing, and best action player Pawan Kalyan. Yes, as you know, all the movies of Pawan Kalyan are super duper hits and the movie will also be very strong.

The film is being released on April 9, which will be released all over the world. In this film, Pawan Kalyan plays the role of a lawyer named Amitabh. 

The action and songs of this film have been liked by the people and new hope has arisen in the minds of the people that the film will be the best.

Release date of this Vakeel saab film

Like I told you that this film is being released on April 9 and this film has also got the approval of the censor board. Regarding this film, the censor board says that this film will be very good and powerful.

So let's talk about the specialty of this Vakeel saab film

  • Its first feature is that the trailer of this film has been released and you can watch it on YouTube and it has also got 1 million likes in 1 day, which is the biggest thing.
  • Another feature of the film is that it is a new film of Pawan Kalyan after a long time and the Telugu people love him a lot and he is very crazy about his action and acting and after watching the trailer, he hopes that it The film will remain the most super duper hit.
  • This film will not disappoint you at all because this film will be worth all the money and in this film you will get to hear the whole action, comedy, romance and new songs.
  • This film will give a good message to everyone and everyone should do their work honestly and this is the main motive of this film.

Some shortcomings of this film

  • There are only a few shortcomings in this film, such as the pace of this film is a bit slow which fades in front of its strong action and the audience does not feel that much.
  • The second drawback is that this film of Pawan Kalyan is coming after some time and will it win the mind of the audience because if you want to be at the top of the film industry, then you have to do new films from time to time.
  • And the final drawback of this film is that this film will be based only on action, romance and comedy will also be shown in this film.

my opinion

Although there is a guess that which is a great film, but from its trailer it seems that it will become a powerful film. Because people have loved the trailer of this film and the songs of this film, which has become a new hope for this film.

Secondly, there was no movie of Pawan Kalyan from a long time and hence it is the best gift for his fans.

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