Wild dog Telugu movie review 2021

Wild dog Telugu movie review 2021

You are welcome again and today we are going to revisit a new and powerful movie called Wild Dog. Yes, this is a Telugu film and this film has been made by Akkineni Nagarjuna.

As you know, a lot of films were made by Akkineni Nagarjuna that the Telugu people are very fond of and at the same time this film is also being released in the Hindi version.

So in this film, Akkineni Nagarjuna will be seen working as an NI agent who wants to save his India from some enemies. So let's start a review of this film and see how much this film impressed the audience?

Story of wild dog 2021

The story starts in Hyderabad where after the Gokul Chat blast in 2007, some people start a bomb blast in Pune and Hyderabad. So after that a lot of people die and the minister of that area gives a message to catch the man who exploded and he is caught by Vijay Verma who is acting as the wild dog in this film. Goes to them.

Vijay Verma is considered to be the best officer in this film as he has solved many cases of NI before, so he is selected for this case.

This is the twist to see in the story how Vijay Verma caught the man?

How did they choose their team? And how did they catch him in a short time?

Hero heroine and some other actors of this film

  • Everybody plays the role of every man in every film, because every small role also adds life to the film. Similarly, in this film, Vijay Verma who is playing the role of wild dog fits very much on him.
  • The dialogue, action and attitude in his film looks absolutely perfect. At the same time, this film as a new agent greatly affects the audience. And on the other side, like others like Kulkarni, Ali Raja and Abhijeet who have played an important role in this film and that film seemed incomplete without them.

Some special things about this film

  • First of all, the special thing is that this film has been introduced very well and there are very few films that are released in Telugu, then it is a biggest point that it has won the hearts of the audience.
  • Secondly, the specialty of this film is how he catches that closed explosive and how he protects his country from those attacks.
  • The third biggest placepoint is that the film will give a great message to our Indian Army, so that our upcoming generation will be attracted towards the army and more and more people will be recruited in the army.
  • This film makes us Indians feel proud and as far as people of all countries feel proud, where NI agents also work.
  • After all, the background of this film is also very good and the music of this film has also been given a lot of power, which the audience liked very much.

my opinion

It is one of the best film which is being released in Telugu and Hindi version and all Indians should watch this film because this gives a good message.

As you know, the lockdown is going on and all the films are being leased on the online platform and this film will also be released online.

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